Monday, May 17, 2010

Another sighting.

Sorry I haven't update in a while. Nothing much has happened, and I didn't really see the need to post anything.

However, I had another encounter with the thing last night. This time it was more... disturbing.

I was in my kitchen, making something to eat, when my dog Machiavelli walked up to the door and started growling. I looked back at the door to see it opening. This didn't seem too strange to me, as my door has always been just a tad loose. I walked over to close it and... there it was. Staring at me from across the street.

Mac immediately ran outside and started barking at it. It didn't seem too worried about him, even when he started getting closer to it. Mac probably would have bitten the thing if not for my neighbor, Samael, coming outside and shouting at him. He shooed Mac back towards the house as It walked away, disappearing down the road. Samael scolded me and went back inside, but he didn't see what I saw.

It had no eyes. From what I could tell, it didn't have any facial features at all.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I saw something...

I doubt anyone will read this, but writing about it makes me feel a bit better. A couple days ago, I saw something strange. Something... not quite human. I stood there, in my living room, staring out the window at it for at least five minutes. It just stood there, staring back at me. I was transfixed. I somehow managed to pull myself away long enough to get a picture of it.

There's only one thing bugging me right now... What the hell is this?